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Jake Galambos

Jake Galambos began playing music at 12 years old in the public school system in Georgia. From the first note he played (it was a “D”) he knew music would be a permanent part of his life. He started out on bass and then quickly picked up guitar and started playing with friends in bands. 

“I was always taking lessons, but I always seemed to bounce from teacher to teacher.

I’d start off excited and ready to learn, but what we worked on didn’t always line up with what I was playing everyday in the real world,” he remembers. Still, his passion for music persisted and he soaked up and learned as much as he could.

Jake graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in Popular music performance, although his initial degree track was classical composition. He has been playing and working with a wide variety of bands, both original and cover bands, from pop to blues, country to metal, rock to classical. He’s worked as a guitarist, songwriter, bassist, producer, teacher, and engineer.

“There’s so much music that I love, I’ve never been able to pick one style, one technique, one instrument; I’ve always spent time working on so many different things. I think that’s why standard lessons didn’t really work for me. Why I don’t think they work for a lot of us,” he said.

Jake started teaching during college, and focused on trying to fix one problem that a student was having. He found when he had taken lessons that his instructors were focused on what they were ‘supposed’ to teach or what they thought he should learn, but Jake wanted to build his lessons around what students specific goals were and what specific problems they were having, even if they didn’t know what they were.

“We started Your Music RX because that is how we want to learn music. There is so much information about what to practice. Scales, licks, songs, whatever you want. I wanted to focus on how to practice, how to fix that one problem that was holding you back. The trick is finding someone who can listen and watch you play and diagnose your problem that doesn’t expect you to come back every week. That’s exactly what we do,” Jake explains.

Jake still gigs two to three nights a week, and actively runs a recording studio out of his home in Mesa, AZ with his wife. 

“Music has added so much to my life, and I hope that through what we’re doing here at Your Music RX we can help other players come out of a frustrating patch and back into the wonder of making music.”

Brady Putzke

Brady Putzke began playing music at an early age. Music was always around him. His dad was a guitarist, and his close friends started taking lessons from his dad. His dad found him an instructor who was well respected. 

“I remember taking weekly lessons and I know I got a lot out of it, but there was always something missing,” Brady recalls.

Brady has always been someone who sought out information, looking for new material to play, new songs to learn, new techniques to acquire. He played a lot, but found himself working on what interested him most, not so much what was assigned week to week. 

“I was always playing, and I was fortunate to begin playing at my local church when I was 12,

but I wasn’t really focused on what my teachers were telling me to work on,” says Brady.

Brady holds a degree in Jazz Performance from Arizona State University, and while attending college this trend continued. He found himself doing the minimum to get by in his classes while working and performing in bands around school. 

Around this time Brady had a transformative experience working with a musical hero of his. “He was in town for a week, and a few of us got to schedule a single lesson with him in between classes. It was an amazing experience. He broke down for me in 10 minutes exactly what I needed to do to break through a huge barrier I was having, both physically on the instrument and psychologically as a musician,” remembers Brady.

Since then Brady has sought out teachers for single lessons to help correct problems, answer specific questions, and help him on his musical journey.

“We started Your Music RX because this is how musicians learn best. I didn’t want to be stuck on someone else's path doing what they think is right for me - I want to be shown what I can do to get better at what I know I want to and need to be playing. We wanted to offer that service to musicians who are frustrated learning on their own but don’t want, need, or can’t afford the weekly model."

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