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The Tools You Need to GET BETTER

at Your Instrument.

Our Process


Your Music Rx is different. We aren't your standard weekly lesson, click below to find out more
about how exactly we can help achieve the musical success you've been dreaming of. We're
here to help you overcome any musical obstacle!



Scheduling your evaluation is simple! Follow the link below and choose the date and time that
works best for you. We'll send a link to your email inbox. You follow that link at the time of your
evaluation and we'll get started. Schedule your evaluation now!



Getting in touch with a professional has never been easier! There are three channels that you can reach out to us on - you can either call us, schedule your evaluation or use the link below to reach our general inbox. We will be constantly adding new instruments to our portfolio of services so chat with us today!


Your Music Rx is here to help you GET BETTER at making music. If you’ve been playing your instrument for a while, or even if you’re just getting started, you’ve probably run into a stumbling block. We’ve all tried weekly lessons, online tutorials, and instructions books to find a solution to get us back to making music when we are stuck, and we all know that these ‘solutions’ don’t always get us on track to reach our goals.


Weekly lessons are designed to keep you coming back, online tutorials often leave out key details, and instruction books are inherently limited and can’t answer specific questions. While each of these tools can be useful, they aren’t designed to solve YOUR specific problem or issue. Your Music Rx is different. You don’t sign up for weekly lessons and you don’t need to buy instruction materials. You simply meet one of our specialists online and you show them your playing through a webcam and mic (available on almost every smartphone), and they tell you exactly how to fix your problem.


You get back to having FUN making music. It’s that simple. 

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